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QFT, Pollution

– Does it make you angry the way man has polluted this planet? “What makes me angry is people planning to do things that will pollute the planet… I look at the planet and all you see is proof that … Continue reading

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“Hi Yo, Stravinsky!”

Many years ago (50, by now?) in Mad, Dave Berg published one of his ‘The Lighter Side of’ cartoons showing two boys watching an orchestra on TV. The conductor tells his young audience, “We’re going to play The William Tell … Continue reading

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The Hole Story

A MetaFilter post yesterday pointed readers to the Royal Albert Hall’s website, and its announcement that recently found documents showed officials there had not been pleased when the Beatles’s classic song A Day in the Life implied that the hall … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Question

YouTube guessed I might be interested in a 1983 Stan Getz/Chet Baker concert filmed in Stockholm – which I was, since Getz is one of my favorite saxophone players. I like Baker, too, except for his singing, which drives me … Continue reading

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I Guess You Could Say That

Aquarium Drunkard yesterday pointed readers at “I’m Gonna Booglarize You, Baby,” a 1972 Captain Beefheart song from Germany posted on YouTube in the ‘Comedy’ category. (Speaking of comedy, it’s funny to watch Captain B. in Germany and learn that this … Continue reading

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Mind Bending

Having some trouble lately deciding which of my thousands of records – remember them, before CDs? – to listen to, I’ve started pulling albums at random off the shelves, then working my way down the alphabet. Which means that one … Continue reading

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30,000 is a Lot of Pounds

At dinner last month, John brought up the old Harry Chapin song, 30,000 Thousand Pounds of Bananas, which reminded me of a photograph I took way back in April 1976. I’d gone to Lebanon Valley College to review one of … Continue reading

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